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OVNCyqA by kozispoon

enterVOIDex's invitational comic tournament is squaring up to be one of the feistiest yet! With only 3 DAYS LEFT to go until the deadline, sign-ups have seen some pretty radical characters of all styles, media and genre. The roster is looking pretty wild!
Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 1.53.39 PM by kozispoonScreen Shot 2016-06-16 at 1.53.52 PM by kozispoon

Not to mention the wait for the deadline has been met with some fabulous hype art by all the new members via the forum's Invitational fanart jam. Check it out!

Fcs2dp8 by kozispoon13432359 1034918706602077 5224329268761845984 N by kozispoonSere eniga by kozispoon

For those of you on dA who have already signed up, please remember that in order to enter, you need to post your character's name and a design sheet in the enterVOID forum topic and also submit them through the site (You must have an account with the website and be logged in to make a character). If you don't post on the forum thread AND sign up for the site you aren't getting in! If you're lost, the invitational sign up thread can be found right <<HERE>> which includes handy dandy instructions on how to sign up an otherwise do other technical thinga ma bobbers.

Also, if you know anyone who'd be interested, be sure to direct them to the enterVOID invitational! :la: Three days is still plenty of time to whip up a character and get in on the comic making action! You can also spread the word by retweeting, reblogging and other such social media shenanigans. See ya there!

enterVOID Twitter

enterVOID tumblr

enterVOID facebook

:iconentervoidex: :iconentervoidex: :iconentervoidex:
Hey all you amazing sequential artists! :iconentervoidex: is holding a new comic tournament where any and all artists can bypass requirements, and submit their characters through to their site! Have you been wanting to submit your OC’s but couldn’t find the time to finish their submission? This is your chance to shine! Visit the website for more details!:…

For those of you wondering what EnterVOID is, we are a community that has been pitting artists against each other in sequential matches for the past 14 years! We've been the longest running site to provide a place for artists to create comics and connect with other artists with the same passion. Our community has created a diverse list of Original Characters and a compelling story, whether it’s a one-on-one match, or a collaborative effort between artists, through EnterVOID’s years of activity.

VOID Valentines Party 2016-02 by kozispoon Mr. Creamy vs Mimi the Mime 14 by kozispoon Halloween Hoopla 03 by kozispoon

This Summer, we’re holding a tournament that welcomes all newcomers to join the fray! Many artists interested to join our community of comic matches usually need to submit a design sheet, biography, and a 2-4 page introduction comic for their characters to participate. For this tournament however, we’re cutting it down to just a design sheet and a biography and jump into the fray of battle! Entrants will be pitted against each other through this tournament and keep their characters on the site to compete whenever they want afterwards!

Interested in joining and meeting fellow artists? This is your chance! You can read more about the Invitational Tournament in the link above! Our deadline to participate is Sunday, June 19th, giving you plenty of time to submit!

Know someone who’d be interested too? Help us spread the word! Telling your friends and linking them back to :iconentervoidex: helps a bunch in our efforts to welcome more and more people into the site!

Follow us on:

Bowtie or bra? Debate has raged on, but whatever the answer, we all know Popplio is the best! :la:

Tumblr01 by kozispoon
Tumblr02 by kozispoon
Lsdt By Roflqu-d9mn4oo by kozispoon

Happy 2016 everybody! New year means new comics and madcap tournaments! Pals from the :iconentervoid: forums are putting together a tournament, called the Light Speed Death Tournament. If you're familiar at ALL, you know already what that entails, you know, 1 week rounds you get in, character blam dead. OR WINS??

HOWEVER, this one is different and even quicker. You have 4 days to draw, 3 comics pages MAX, with 3 days voting. This tournament is really fast (one could even say...light speed??) and should be a lot of fun. If you're interested in doing something quick and dirty and having a great time, you got until the 13th of January to sign on up with a character of your own. We already got some great submissions so far, so come around and check it out! We'd love to have more fresh-faced happy people ready to throw down, comic style!

LsLMgZY by kozispoon Bernardbuffalo Copyicon2 By Swauger-d9mn5nl by kozispoon u9Ugn3I by kozispoon Capgras-animated-icon Zpspxjwc7mb by kozispoon

 Ape1 by kozispoon

Going to APE this year? Then find me and these hot zines just itching to get into your grubby little mitts!

Image2 (4) by kozispoon

Image1 (4) by kozispoon

 I'll be a glorified booth lackey to the ever illustrious Glitterside who'll be selling even MORE glorious glitter art for your sparkling pleasure. Come find us at table #240 and get your art on.

Glitterside by kozispoon

In other news, its Inktober  once more! For those of you not in the know, every October, artists all over the world take on the InkTober drawing challenge by doing one ink drawing a day the entire month. On top of THAT, 24hr comics day falls on this Saturday DURING APE. I wanna do it all, so I'm gonna give it a shot, but we'll see how it goes!
If any of you managed to get me whenever you sent in a report, I tended to end tickets like this. Even if we were dealing with sticky complicated situations that bummed you out, it seemed a chipper, fitting way to end things. I think its also a fitting way to bid toodle loo to my time here at dA as part of the CEA team.

Gosh, this has been like the best job. Not just in terms of the team, environment and generally doing what I really enjoyed, but really all the madcap adventures I had here. I had no idea what I was getting into when I excitedly drew this five years ago-Reward Granted by kozispoon

But it was certainly waaay more than I expected! From teatime, to devMEETS, working alongside my LA co-workers from freakin' Finland and back again, community craziness and general tomfoolery, it's been a blast!

Teatime by kozispoonFlowery Commentary by kozispoondevMEET Pg1 by kozispoonBravehearts by kozispoonImezones by kozispoonParty by kozispoon

I'll still be around and am still going to be stuffing my gallery with much more art, but for now, I hope all y'alls have a deviously delightful day :heart:

Have a Deviously delightful day! by kozispoon
While I ended up third in my TechnicolorOCT adventure, that hasn't stopped me from wanting to give my nautical no-goodnik, Salty Dog Selby a 'that's all folks!' ending. I just can't get enough of the toons, the world, and general wackiness this OCT has allowed me to express. I mean, hell, I've gone through three different endings before I settled on one that I liked! The comic sorta got away from me, and I'm simply enjoying the ride. I've been posting most of my sketches, thumbnails and work in progress on tumblr, so I figured I'd share some of those screenies here if that interests any of you's the way it interests me.

Are you reading the latest? If you're interested in reading from the start, be sure to check the whole zany ongoing  adventure right <<HERE>>

Burnwip1 by kozispoon
Cruch-WIP1 by kozispoon R-4 Wip15 by kozispooncubeflingWIP1 by kozispoon

shutup-WIP1 by kozispoon
round4-WIP by kozispoon

:la: It's that time of year again! :la:

April Drawing Challenge! by Kanthara

If you aren't already drawing a little something everyday, or just feeling like your up for a challenge, then Karine's April drawing challenge is for you! Just come over to Karine's April Drawing Challenge and start drawing and posting every day for the month of April! Come and see what people are drawing, comment on their work, and since this is tumblr, you can like and reblog as much as you want! I always love doing this challenge every year and love all the artists, new and old it attracts. Even when you can't think of anything to draw, our lovely host Kanthara has got you covered submitting drawing prompts. So c'mon and prime those drawing muscles with all of us all day erry day for the month of April!

Star!Karine’s April Drawing Challenge: Draw something every day in the month of April.Star!

Sounds tough! What do I have to do?

Draw. Something. Anything. Any topic. Any level of detail. Every day. For a month. And share it.

Sounds cool! How do I sign up?

You don’t need a tumblr account, but it helps. You can follow the April Drawing tumblr and tell your tumblr followers about it so a lot of people join in. You can send a request to be a posting member, or you can just make a submission (which a moderator will need to approve). 

Post either your art or a link to your art using either your access or the submission form every day in April, starting on April 1st.

Sounds simple! Are there any other rules?
Nope. Well, not really. It has to be creative drawing - from doodles and sketches to full fledged, detailed, CG graphics, on any subject. Stuff you would normally be drawing anyway counts (so, for those who do webcomics, that counts) but stuff you draw for your job doesn’t. It can be anything. I will post a different drawing exercise every day during the month of April for anyone who would like to use it. You may also post every day a scan or screenshot of work in progress, so for example you can post a series of thumbnail sketches one day, your sketch the next, inks after that, colours… if that’s how the work flows from you. You can post only doodles all month, observational drawings, something straight out of your fevered brain, inking exercises, anything at all, so long as it’s a piece of art that you did that day. It would also be really cool if you could look at other people’s art and comment on a couple of other posts every day. Discussion is enabled, and you’re encouraged to use it! :)

So are you in? See you April 1st!

Jumping on the hashtag train of pimping those artists that merit some overexcited show and tell. Come, come oogle with me!

Yaaaaaay by kozispoon

While we met over our mutual rabid fan feelings about Disney's gargoyles, her interests and skills have expanded to so many other things. Not one to shy away from extensive challenges, I've enjoyed seeing her tackle Inktober to the 100 monster girls challenges and more! She certainly makes taking pencil to paper effortless and makes it look good besides! You keep on keeping on, lady!
SD - Athena by coda-leiaHappy New Year 2015 ! by coda-leiaMelusine and Opaline by coda-leia

A fabulous and super kind Italian artist who once upon a time encouraged my love for Barbucci and Canepa's Skydoll  series that she actually took the time out to translate the entire comic into English so I could read it. She's always eager to share art and techniques even in the midst of her own busy schedule and projects. Definitely someone I look to for inspiration for my own art and comics.

L'ultima Speranza 03 by ritamVizi_Gola by ritamThe wizard mouse by ritam

I've only recently gotten to know RoflQu a bit better and have to say he is the bees knees. Always excited about comics, and always willing to help other artists with their work. I know some of my TechnicolorOCT pages wouldn't of looked as good as they do now without his input. When you're excited about a project, so is he and that's swell. With a couple deviantART related OCTs that he's run under his belt and a drive to create a community among comic artists, he's definitely someone you want in your corner pushing you to bigger better art
Clyde and Jules by RoflQuHARD TIMES by RoflQuLakitu in Second Place by RoflQu

I was following ktshy back in her Shrubmonkeys days (which is now shanahanigans! Go check it out!) and only just received my own precious copy of her current comic project Silly Kingdom. Her mix of hilarious humor and gorgeous comics are really something and pushes me to bring on the funny in my own work. I can't wait to watch her forever to see what else she has in store!
Silly Kingdom -  A New Steed Indeed by ktshySilly Kingdom available OCT 8 by ktshyWomanthology page by ktshy

Despite the fact Lysol may be quiet and reserved in person, his art is anything but. It is loud, brash, chunky and just the right brand of cartoony. I met him at a Drink and Draw once upon time in L.A and couldn't stop staring at his process and how easily it came to him. As someone whose close personal friends with both my eraser and the ctrl-Z tool, it was pretty impressive! I still reel over the fact he took the time out to draw up my cartoon character Mimi the Mime without me having to beg and grovel because I totally would've!. Definitely someone I am happy to watch 5EVA 
Mimi by Lysol-JonesCake Battle by Lysol-JonesPlanet Noir by Lysol-Jones


Who are some of your favorite deviants? Who has etched a permanent butt groove on your couch of artistic admiration? If you're up to sharing and spreading some much deserved love you should make a journal like this one and share some groovy deviants that you'll watch forever, NAY, 5EVA! Be sure to link your journal in the comments here so I (and everyone else) can check it out!

tumblr njb99l5mTG1rzhs5zo1 500 by kozispoon

Many years ago, VOID had an exciting tournament called Queen of VOID. Many beloved old-school VOID artists fought to have their character crowned as Queen. In 2007, Yosai’s Orange won the crown. Now, eight years later, it’s time for new royalty to step in.


This year, :iconentervoid: will be running a tournament to claim the title of KING and a separate one to find a new QUEEN. These tournaments will be running at the same time, but staggered by a week to alternate the voting times.

Sign up deadline: February 20th
QUEENS START: February 22nd
KINGS START: March 1st


2013-hourly Comic Day-03 by kozispoon
It's that time again! Bust out the pencils and brushes folks, another hourly comics day is freakin' nigh! Hourly Comics Day is February 1st- that's a Sunday, so get your weekend arting on!

So what is it?
"On February first a bunch of people make a journal comic every hour they are awake. and then they show these journal comics to other people on the internet

we will see how different people spend their day."

So what are the guidelines?
-for every hour that you are awake on February first (that's February first for whatever time zone you happen to be in), you make a comic describing something about the past hour. maybe you ate some cereal? maybe your mother called and screamed long and low until her voice gave out

-say you wake up at 7am. make a comic some time before it becomes 8am. then after 8am, make a comic before it becomes 9am. it is pretty simple.

Hourly Comics Day 2014-06 by kozispoon

If your own day to day feels too mundane, it'd be kind of fun to see an hourly comics about your own characters! What do they do in the morning? What's their own day to day like? Whatever the case, I have a MIGHTY NEED to see all your comics, so prepare thyself. Sunday, FEB 1st! 
APE, the Alternative Press Exp, Oct. 4-5, 2014, Fort Mason Center

Anyone else going this weekend? I'll be there on Saturday with some friends. It my first time going to APE, so I wont have a booth, but I WILL be laden with full color free comicky goodness to hand out. BEHOLD!

My mini comic for Free comic book day came in! This is the first time I&#8217;ve actually cobbled something together for this event and to be honest I&#8217;m all kinds of nervous/excited. Nervcited! I can&#8217;t wait for Saturday now
Thanks to the people who kicked me in the pants to get this done. &lt;3 I&#8217;m definitely going to come back stronger next year!

Just look for the blue haired chick handing out comics like they're hotcakes. Oooh, if only I could make them smell like hotcakes!

Speaking of comics, the results for round three of :icontechnicoloroct: are in and (drumroll please) Selby won! :la: The next rounds match ups have been announced and it looks like this salty dog is pitted against Phantosanucca's Trucube and Comfork which have personally been one of my favorites throughout this tournament. We've yet to find out where the next rounds battleground will be, but the title of the groups submission folder is giving me a couple ideas. Stay tooned!

Heartbreak Hotel by kozispoon

In other news, its InkTober! For those of you not in the know, every October, artists all over the world take on the InkTober drawing challenge by doing one ink drawing a day the entire month. I've always had some excuse or another not to participate every year, and almost didn't this year. Luckily aunjuli and y2jenn bashed me over the head until I relented. We're friends, really. ^^; I'll be taking a crack at the mysterious world of brush pens and ink, so come see me pratfall into a new medium over at twitter.

Seems that's it for now. Cheers! :wave:

WHEW! Round three of the TechnicolorOCT  came in a flurry of wacky hijinks and salty spray between my toon Salty dog Selby and DapperNoir's Raw and Salty. I've participated in comic battles like this before over at entervoid, but I don't think anyone is ever prepared for the work you have to put into these sorts of things. I am exhausted. Exhausted and very happy with the work I put out. Granted, looking back on it there are things I wish I added or embellished, but all in all, I'm glad I got to tell I story I set out to tell. Speaking of stories, I am really enjoying the comics other contestants have submitted! I'll be the first to admit that whoever makes it to the next round is going to be a force to reckoned with. I'm both excited and slightly frightened of my chances if I make it to the next round ^^;

Best of luck to us all! :la: Be sure to check out the Round 3 gallery folder and everyone's toontastic comics right <<HERE>>

Speaking of comics, if you want to give mine a read again or for the very first time, I've got page one conveniently popped in here. Cheers!
Technicolor OCT-Round-3-01 by kozispoon

EDIT: Our Technicolor Toons have a TV Tropes page, and is already chock full of tidbits, hints and possible spoilers. Check it out!

Gosh, the beginning fired up way back when. I think it was 2002, and I was at the tail end of high school learning that you didn't use your real name on the internet (according to my boyfriend at the time).

 Highschool by kozispoon

I've had this account and this username for ever evah, and DeviantART was my 'home base' to share my anything and everything. I can't think of another community I liked better than this one when it came to just being immersed in art that I liked. Hell, even challenged my concepts of what art should be! I was dazzled by the idea way back when, but even now, being able to put something out there and have it be seen by dozens (or even hundreds!) of fellow deviants across the globe still fascinates me. I was introduced to tons of fandoms and made lots of friends along the way solely based on commenting and deviation submissions, and that's nuts. To think that's all it takes to make a connection with someone halfway across the world. I was hooked!

Submit-fever by kozispoon

The opportunity to work for dA came about when my current job at Disney Interactive was being moved to Canada. I was thrilled to be moving to a job that would let me engage in a newfound love for moderation as well as be art -centric. Hell, even if it wasn't, I sure as hell was going to make it one! 

Job-move by kozispoon

Needless to say, that much anticipated 'you're hired!' phonecall with fourteenthstar was a little confusing.
 Translation by kozispoon

I became a staff member for deviantART on August 1st 2011, just a month after good ol' dxd. I work as a Copyright and Etiquette Administrator (CEA) which is fancy pants talk for the yahoos that get to look at all the stuff you report. As part of the CEA team I've been able to learn you a thing when it comes to our policies, but through awesome visual aids! From articles discussing harassment, to comics about devMeets, tongue in cheek peeks behind the curtain on CEA's day-to-day, and even sex toys?? It's been a crazy, but never let it be said it wasn't interesting!

Did you know my own birthday falls just a couple days after deviantART's birthday? Definitely makes it one rambunctious month! When I first got hired back in August of 2011, I was only in the dA office 7 days before I was surrounded by people I was still getting to know, getting my party on! It was wild to not only celebrate deviantART's 11th birthday at the time, but also feel so welcome and celebrated in my own right once my birthday came around. Throughout it all, aunjuli and damphyr have not only been my co-workers, but have become my compadres, the one and two to our three caballero trio! Three cheers for those two ludicrously lovely ladies!

 Oh, and don't mind my boring office 'suit'. After the first week I was wearing sneakers and jeans with the best of them.

Party by kozispoon

In 2013, my husband got a job opportunity in Helsinki, Finland, and moving was inevitable. Lucky for me, I was allowed to become a remote employee. My time in the dA office was a blast, but I was also excited for adventure, so off I went!

To-finland by kozispoon

Working as a remote employee and one that is overseas is definitely a learning experience. There are timezones to consider, invoices to fill out, paychecks that only come once a month, and taxes you had to figure out yourself! It took a little getting used to.

Imezones by kozispoon

For as much as I poke fun at it, I wouldn't of traded the experience for anything. I got much closer to the other remote CEA members like y2jenn, realitysquared and godofodd and hassled them with my incessant questions of which they all graciously obliged. Thanks you guys. I never would of made it as a remote employee without your know-how!

After a year, I returned stateside, just north of dA's LA offices and am there to this day, working hard!

to-SF by kozispoon

 I love that throughout it all, deviantART has been a constant, not only as an incredible community, but as the most unique, zany and fulfilling job I've ever had the pleasure of having. I'm so glad I was here for dA's 11th birthday and am doubly stoked to be tossing confetti as it makes it to 14. Onwards and upwards deviantART. Can't wait to see what the future has in store for your story and mine! :party:

With round 2 of the Technicolor OCT wrapped, it seems there’s no shortage of dealie bobs to get into. A meanwhile event was announced where the tournament creators and participants get to work together on a visual novel style mini game in order to explore the Toon world of The Terrace as well as get to know some of its wacky denizens. Think of it like those Japanese story RPGs, only with rubberhose cartoons. Decided to take a screenshot of the progress I made last night.

Rpg-wip by kozispoon

This Meanwhile event is open to both contestants and Spectators for the OCT. All that’s required is that you have a Character Reference Sheet uploaded to the gallery, so anyone can totally get in on this thing! :) Be sure to read the groups journal for more details on the project. You have until Tuesday, July 8TH!

10343532 736242023102768 9167431080892700521 N by kozispoon

Looking for something fun to do this weekend? Then come to the Tr!ckster Hither and Yon gallery show! Come check out my art and the art of many other fabulous artists- most notably that of Alina Chau. and fabulous glitter art by the esteemed Glitterside's Charlene Kelly. I'll be there tonight (June 21st) with some of my mini comics to hand out, so feel free to come up and say hi! 

The show runs through the 31st, so get bit by the travel bug and head on over to Berkeley to give it a look! :)
With Round Two of :icontechnicoloroct: wrapped, I thought I'd give a shout out to all the great art the entrants have been churning out- namely, some fantastic fanart of my toon Salty dog Selby! 

Technicolor Lineup! by spiffychicken
By spiffychicken
TTOCT: Selby by IshtarDragon
By IshtarDragon

Salty Dog Selby and Milton by ArtistsBlood
By ArtistsBlood

That sea faring lass by Simply-Daco
By  Simply-Daco

Technicolor OCT: sketches by underwoodwriter

By underwoodwriter

Judging on the round two entries should wrap this weekened, so be sure to stay tuned for TechnicolorOCT Round 3!
Been coming across some fabulous comics during work that I've not only bookmarked them, but want to share the wealth by featuring them here. Definitely all worth the read!

The Back Story, by all-mug is a very personal peek into growing up with scoliosis and put to paper with lovely watercolors and alotta heart.
The Back Story (Page Four) by all-mug
Sakana, by MyNameIsMad  is a comic about life, love and a whole lotta dead fish. Who knew a tale of two brothers running a fish stand in Japan could get you so hooked? That or you'll get a mighty hankering for some seafood. I regret none of these puns

SAKANA 11 by MyNameIsMad
Fear, by Tallychyck deals with something I think any woman finds themselves worrying about when traveling alone. A great read that might just change your outlook on tackling the 'big bad' world out there.
Home Is Where The Internet Is - Fear 2/10 by Tallychyck

The Rotten Twinkie, by King-Wasted is the result of an awesome comic tournament called 'The Fridge' which pitted various kitchen goodies against one another. Follow the adventures of Sheriff Twinkie as he protects the fridge from all things rotten.
Rotten Twinkie Round 1 by King-Wasted

EDIT: Ok ok one more! Step-Monster, by ToxicToothpick is as the title touts. What happens to two kids who end up having a monster for a parent? Ionly started reading it, but I am loving it!
Step-Monster II: Page 14 by ToxicToothpick

So sit back, click these links and enjoy the read. I know I did! :la: