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November 9, 2012
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Alright, alright, settle down. While this isn't crazy serious, it's still an update worth note!

Throughout history, art and artists have challenged preconceived notions, pushed boundaries and taken on subjects often considered taboo. Art is alive and constantly changing, much like the community at deviantART is. The CEA Team believes that deviantART policy must grow, adapt and change, to allow artists to push boundaries and express themselves whenever legally and morally possible. Policy must remain flexible in order for something, which was initially ruled as an absolute, to bend and change in order to allow for artists and quality to shine through.

Lesbians 101 - Lesson 3 by FindChaos

One example of this kind of challenge to policy is with FindChaos's Lesbians 101 series-- a quirky and often humorous guide on lesbianism. Unfortunately, one installment of this guide depicted sex toys, which was removed in accordance with our FAQs prohibiting pornographic imagery. This issue prompted a discussion among staff and our legal adviser regarding our policies and FAQs. Are items like sex toys to be considered inherently and inescapably pornographic, or, as in the case of Lesbians 101, could members express themselves artistically and responsibly despite the content?

The CEA team held a series of meetings about the FAQ that details the prohibitions made in regards to the depiction of sex toys, and after some careful discussion (and using lesbians 101 as an example) we came to the decision that deviations such as these should have a place within the deviantART community. Naturally, we needed to update our FAQ to reflect this. We have spent the week working on the language of the FAQ, and the changes are live!  Here's a link for you to see:

FAQ #565: You prohibit the submission of 'pornographic imagery'; what do you consider this to be?

So what has changed? And what does this realistic depiction mean?

What has changed is that sex toys can now be depicted in deviations (given certain conditions). As for "Realistic", this refers primarily to shape, so a realistic shape and unrealistic candy coloring would still lead to removal. By contrast, a review of the sex toys in Lesbians 101 would not fall under realistic depiction as they have spines, beads, and rabbits protruding from them. We still maintain that sex toys cannot be depicted in use as per the FAQ.

Please also note that context comes into play here. Realistic depictions of sex toys are normally removed, but the educational context of the work such as those used in Lesbians 101 and the clinical treatment of the subject means that this submission is fine with a mature tag- that will not necessarily be the case for other deviations. Because each submission is judged based upon the content, context, and merit of that specific deviation. If there are any doubts on the part of the artist for any reason, they are always free to submit their questions to the +help Desk, through Policy Inquiries, and we'll be more than happy to help!

We understand that a change to such a specific part of this FAQ may be surprising--there may even be be a lot of attention drawn to this deviation, and it will definitely be a mix of negative and positive--but we really believe that this approach will garner the greatest understanding from the community.
Sextoy05 by kozispoon
Thank you to ~FindChaos for her patience and for allowing us to feature her deviation for the sake of this discussion. Be sure to check it out!

It's incredibly exciting when a piece of artwork sparks a discussion amongst our team, and we hope to continually grow and change while still maintaining a safe, artistic environment!            
An update to our FAQs!
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I shouldn't be the last to inform everyone that DeviantArt's regulations against sexually explicit material is grade A BOLLOCKS. What they call, “tasteful nudity" is biased bullshit. It should all be the same, whether it's any medium depicting nudity or drawing of a sex toy to explain lesbianism
AkaiChounokoe Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Um, shy deviant here, after reading this for few times, I thought I give some input on the matter. Yes, I am aware that there is a bit of a rule change involving, um, well, :blush:, sex toys, but I think what got some of the controversy (going by the comments on the matter) is the fact that the exceptions in relation to these should have been placed in the rules from the start and the comic's purpose was to educate and I detected nothing explicit. On that note, some of the rules here are a bit contradictory, another reason for this controversy is because of that. I mean many deviants often report  beyond offensive (to put it nicely) deviations but they usually go unanswered, especially when said deviations have a mature tag on it, allowing it to be effectively abused and, yet, when someone posts something that is or relatively benign (like this comic) it is removed no sooner than it is posted. 
Miss-Ag Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
My ONLY complaint with NSFW material on DA is seeing poorly done nude pictures. i am REALLY NOT OK with random men posting very poor excuses for "photography". Just because you have a picture of a hoo-haa does NOT make it artistic!!!
Miss-Ag Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I guess im just talking about standards, but that would really restrict people, of course....
The-Golden-Knight Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2013
Just about anything can have artistic merit, believe it or not. It's just so hard for many to see that even fully uncensored and unblocked sexual penetration can be performed beautifully (ala NC-17 or X-rated films).
cinnabutt Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2013  Student Digital Artist
I understand why erect penises are not allowed, but why is this type of imagery allowed?
Erect penises suggest sexual arousal, but what stops deviants from posting something so lewd to
a site based on art and photography, not p**sy shots?
Maybe the photographer considers it art, but shouldn't there be some sort of line?
kozispoon Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2013  Student General Artist
There is indeed. Such lines can be read and reviewed via the handy dandy help & FAQs :nod:
PurpleAlienFlower Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I fully agree with you. There is a SHITLOAD (sorry!) of images from exhibitionists on this site. Really, it is annoying when browsing the photgraphy or even the stock section.

I don't like the idea of calling someones work "bad", but this I do not consider ART nor WORK/effort. Really. There are many, many beautiful pictures out there, showing classy and high quality nude art- and even more explizit content aswell!- but THIS is purely crap. Well, regarding this certain image posted here... it's somewhat acceptable I think, at least the fish net cloth makes an interesting effect here, so the b/w lighting does. There are worse images on this site, but we all get the idea.

If somebody really wants his or her private parts in this manner, they should use websites like imagefap or something. DeviantART is not the right place for this kind of stuff I think and I know for fact many, many people will agree here.
You see, I'm not against nudity. At all. My own gallery and my favourites prove this. I also have nothing against pornography. But this has nothing to do with tasteful, classy art. Just look at the "more like this" -section. It shows me a TON of anusses, shot in a bad quality. Really, I'm not into buttholes. Not into pussy lips resembly dried aquatic plants neither! I really don't want to see unartistic stuff like this.
Also, I suspect not only most of them are just purely exhibists without any artistic desire, also they willingly take the risk children could see those images here. I don't know, I don'T feel comfortable with that idea... Not that I want to accuse anybody with anything, but, you know...

But, back to the topic: Thanks, dAStaff, this was a long overdue thing.
creativekat3 Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
oohhhhh, the accidently clicking of something when you were trying to find something else... anyways, I have no idea why I'm still here since I know that for me I'd NEVER even think of posting that stuff anyways, but can I request that anything containing any mention of such related things be posted under mature content settings because I know kids are on here and people like me who don't really want to accidently see that stuff ( no matter how mild ) at any time.
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